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On April 26, 1994 the world lost the Grandmaster founder of the World's strongest Karate, Kyokushin. He died of pulmonary force and was only 71 years old, he left behind his Wife and three children and 12 million united members,  28 years after Sosai Mas Oyama died, his Kyokushin Karate has emerged  to 30 different Kyokushin Karate Organizations. Grandmaster RIP rest in peace you will never be forgotten.

Unfortunately for the development of the world's strongest Karate style, it has not succeeded in uniting the world's Kyokushin into a united Karate Organization again, but the love of Sosai Karate and philosophy and etiquette has not disappeared and continues in the IKOK Sosai Kyokushinkaikan (rename the Kyokushin World Organization - Mas Oyama). It is our hope that we can try to unite the World' of Kyokushin Karate Organization to honor Sosai our Grandmaster through a joint ceremony that connects the world through his spirit as we preserve his legacy and the world's kyokushin karate will support Sosai by visiting or training at the historic  Building Dojo in Ikebukoro  Tokyo.

You can honor SOSAI IKO KYOKUSHINKAIKAN HONBU DOJO and Custodian Kuristina Oyama
3-3-9, Nishi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku,
Tokyo,171-0021, Japan and make an appointment.
We must not forget what Sosai has given the world. He will never be forgotten.

Osu in the light of Sosai.


1994年4月26日、世界最強の空手の創設者であるグランドマスターを失い、肺力で亡くなり、わずか70歳で、総裁大山倍達が亡くなってから28年後に、妻と3人の子供と1200万人の団結したメンバーを残しました。 30の極真空手組織が出現しました。 残念ながら、世界最強の空手スタイルの発展のために、世界の極真会館を再び統一された空手組織に統合することに成功しませんでしたが、総裁空手と哲学とエチケットの愛は消えず、IKOK極真会館に続き、極真会館に改名しました世界組織-大山倍達、sosaimasoyama.comで詳細をご覧ください。 世界極真会館が総裁の遺産を守り、世界をつなぐ合同式典を通じて、世界の極真会館を団結させて総裁を称えることを願っています。池吹郎の歴史ある道場。 クリスティーナ大山に連絡して予約することができます。 彼が世界に与えたものに感謝して総裁の記憶を称えなさい、彼は決して忘れられないでしょう。 総裁に照らして大須。

It is our hope that this responsible will reconsider and focus on how we can re-establish peace and continue our work to spread peace through the "Sosai Kyokushin Karate Do".

Osu is in the spirit of the World peace.

Grand Master Sosai Mas Oyama 10.Dan

The Founder of the World Strongest Karate Do

 IKO Kyokushinkaikan in 1964 Nishi Ikebukoro Tokyo. 

Our organization works with the Masutatsu Oyama family and is a continuation of the original organization IKO Kyokushinkaikan created by the founder Sosai Masutatsu Oyama. Some time ago, the organization was called IKO Sosai now the official name of IKO is Kyokushin World Organization - Mas Oyama,(KWO -Mas Oyama). The activities of our organization are aimed at continuing the traditions of the original IKO organization, and are dedicated to the memory of the founder of Sosai Masutatsu Oyama.

The address of central Honbu is in NishiIkebukuro in Tokyo. The Custodian of traditions and the heiress in our organization is Kuristina Oyama-the daughter of the founder of Kyokushin karate Masutatsu Oyama. We invite new representatives and those who have previously worked with IKO Sosai and want to continue to support the original organization and traditions of Sosai.

All over the world millions of people train under the Kyokushin karate style. We want to focus on ensuring the true value of the founder Sosai Masutatsu Oyama with the original Honbu Dojo in Tokyo in Japan. We seek to ensure that all people who still train Kyokushin Karate should have access to the history of the Kyokushinkaikan and the legacy of Mas Oyama.

Kyokushin has spread to different organizations, some working together with Sosai Family Organization others from Budo with roots in Kyokushin Karate, after Sosai's death in 1994. Some try to imitate Sosai Kyokushin Budo Karate. It can be difficult, to see which organizations that have direct roots in to Sosai Family Honbu Dojo in Tokyo.

 It has never been about higher degrees, but about personal development that helps you become a better person in respect for our Grandmaster Sosai mas Oyama. Those who have bought themselves to a higher degree, only think of being more than they can live up to, it is better to be honest about what you are and what others can expect from you, important that we do not live on a lie because we have bought us to a higher degree because we are a weak and our karate is not strong. 

Kyokushin is a lifestyle, not about power or money, but about respect, honor, courage, loyality, overcoming its limitations through hard physical training and getting better than the day before despite discomfort and personal pain, we try to become better people, through Osu no Seinshin and Kyokushin etiquette that is one of Sosai's most important tools and philosophy for creating endurance, will and mental strength in respect for our master.

We are aware that there are still Karate Ka that lives serious and respectful that lived after Sosai Kyokushin Karate Ka and were loyal to Sosai when he lived. Their have a strong karate and they're good role models for Budo and Sosai Kyokushin Karate philosophy, 

The true purpose of Kyokushin Karate Do training and meditation is to lear respect and to discipliner your mind and body and to master the art of self-defense - so you never have to use it.

The KWO - Mas Oyama honor Sosai and his Family and support the original So Honbu Dojo in Japan together with the Custodien Kurstina Oyama San and we wish to cooperate with all Kyokushin Organization that will honor Sosai Mas Oyama - the Founder of the Strongest Karate Do "Kyokushinkaikan Karate", not by grading, but about joint Camp at the Original Honbu Dojo in Ikebukoro in Tokyo. Togethe we organize a World Open Karate Tournament in Kumite one Year and next year a World Katas tournament.

We have to learn to work together. It can be by a World Open Karate Tournament in Sosai honor, same Kumite rules, no weight division, only an open weight division as before our Grandmaster Sosai mas Oyama ledt u's in 1994. All Kyokushin Karate organizations can participate as Judges and Officials, the profit will go to preserve and to support the original Sosai Honbu Dojo in Japan and to the organizations that support these events.

Kyokushin Karate is not about participating for personal gain, but about participating in something bigger than yourself, it helps us maintain our humility. We pay tribute to Sosai and what he has given the world, the World strongest Karate Kyokushin. We can only take responsibility for our own path not what others do, therefore it is important that we follow our own heart and are loyal to the true “Sosai Kyokushin Do” path.

All over the world millions of people train under the Kyokushin karate style. We want to focus on ensuring the true value of the founder Sosai Masutatsu Oyama with the original Honbu Dojo in Tokyo in Japan. We seek to ensure that all people who still train Kyokushin Karate should have access to the history of the Kyokushinkaikan and the legacy of Mas Oyama.

We have renamed IKO Sosai Kyokushinkaikan to "KWO - Mas Oyama", (Kyokushin World Organization - Mas Oyama).
In January 2020 at the annual international meeting In Gdansk Polen.

Osu in the light of Sosai’s Family


The Honbu Dojo is know free to rent for every organization, person or Dojo globally.

Offical approved by Kuristina Oyama

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