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I hope this come in good spirit and health. I have trainee Sosai Kyokushin since January 1973. My personal experience with Sosai Kyokushin which has carried and saved me for the last 49 years. With training 6 times a week, in my younger years where I was at the Danish national team I trained in the morning and evening. Over the years it has been to 99 fights, 93 wins, 4 losses in open Wright division and 2 lost in middleweight division. It has been to 8 danish Championships and 4 Sealands Championships in a row, ranking from light Wright, middleweight, heavyweight and Open Wright division. The 99 fights are under controlled kumite rules by the referee, my fight at the streets security, work as dream team to try to help young people regardless of skin color and religion,  where I have been assaulted because i'm not a big guy. 

 For me Kyokushin is a lifestyle, where you learn self-defence in difficult situation, Kyokushin is in my head and body all the time when I sleep, dream and when I am awake, I do not have to think about what I am doing in a self-defence situation. I Will always try to stop an aggressive person with a speech and strong charisma, so no one doubts that I will go all the way if my family and children are in danger.

I have won medals in Denmark, Holland, France, England, Germany and Japan. I have participated in the World Open Karate Tournament in 1979 Tokyo, and was in between the 10 best participants by Tameshiwari and I fought myself to the 5 round, won one fight by Ippon, 2 fights by Wazari. In 1984 I participated again at the World Open Karate Tournament in Tokyo. I fought myself to the 4 round, won one fight by Ippon after 12 sec of fight, I won against the USA Champion Romano after 4 extensions, I fought against the 2 meter high and 115kg heavy Hennie Bosman and won after 4 extensions on weight, there was 44 kg in weigh different between us, my weigh was 71kg. My next fight was against David Green 95 kg, England, one round was hikewake, the next round I lost because of injuries. I was between the 16 best fighter, but with great experience.

"I become the frist Danish Kyokushin fighter to win the Europa Kyokushin karate Tournament in London 1982. It was at the time where Sosai was still with us, may he rest in peace. I fought Shihan Nicholas De Costner England in the final fight. I won first Price  at the 2nd Europas Kyokushin karate in Kumite and in the Tameshiwari. Nicholas Petteas was the frist Danish Kyokushin Champion to win the Europa Kyokushin Karate Tournament after Sosai's dead".

It take power and technique to fight against opponents who are between 10-45 kg heavier than yourself, in order not to be beaten to pieces. At the same time it requires the true Kyokushin spirit to continental to the next fight where your injuries followed you to the tatarisk. I would like to share my experiences in Kyokushin Kumite, Tameshiwari and Katas / Bunkai.

It is all about how we become better that the day before, how we gain greater self-confidence, how we maintain our humble minds and not to give up under the physical and mental pressure, and more important to maintain our respectful humility and be gratefull that we are a part of something bigger than ourselves. Many students think they know everything

and do not need a master. Then they start up for themselves, but have lost the most important thing in the original

Kyokushin Its not about power or attention, to being the best you Can be in respectful Way, it about fermenting your best in everything we do, our honor, loyalt, humility and family are the most important values in  Kyokushin Budo Karate.

"Sosai believed that Kyokushin was the World toughest and most effektive Karate style, as I have won over the 2 meters tall 

and 115kg heavy Hennie Bosman South Afrika. Under the " Sayonara Party". Sosai had send a High shihan for me to come to Sosai tabel, he World show me his deeb respect that I have won over the giant Bosman  With 44kg Wright difference, I had just prøvede that a small person could defekt a giant fighter With the fight kyokushin spirit and technique, he continud , there will never be Wright Lasses in his lifetime at the World Open Karate Tournament. If there was he World be absolutely sure that Withmy kyokushin spirit I World be among the best in the World. I was touched and humble and horored to stand in front of our Grandmaster Sosai Mas Oyama I could not believe it,  it affedtede me for several weekend and I came to love kyokushin and Sosai evne more that i had done before, all the pain, discomfort disappeard for some time after my conversation With Sosai Mas  , even today when i son turen 68 years, Sosai´s Woods have burene into my heart".

You and your team are welcome to attend our next seminar, in Georgien Tbilisi at the 18-20 of Marts 2022  and Japan at the Original Sosai Honbu Dojo in Ikebukuro Tokyo at the 23-30 of April 2022.

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Shihan Alexander Anferov Russia 

Completed his grading with spirit and strength to Rokudan 6. Dan, frist Ido Kihon kata 2000 techniques, Bunkai, Kime Waza, physical training with 1000 kicks and
60 Man Kumite test.

Osu Congratulation Shihan