Payment Seminar


We help to strengthen our organization when we support our Dojo and international  activities as a spectator or actively participated to become skilles karate ka and you help our organization when we Can trust your support. Honbu will  get 2 US dollers from the participating feed, to help  develop  and support  Dojo  in Japan.

When we receive your feed we will send it  and all the information so the organiser can make a great event. 

You Can pay your participation and support by presning the Button for Camp, Seminar , or participating for tournament to Honbu Dojo. Remember that we must have your fuld name, adress, birthday, weight, degree, years of experience, previous participating in tournament,  and what category you are takling part in, seminar, Camp, your e-mail, Phone number, name of your Dojo, Instructor, Branch chef, Country.

To support Honbu Dojo and our organization  we all must help in our best Way. You are helping when you are support our events with your spirit and kind mind.