The grading is an educational barometer so your instructor can see, what he can expect from you with the degree you have
but at the same time it can also help, so the instructor knows how much he can push you to further development.
When we work under pressure - we develop.

It takes between 5-7 years to achieve 1. Dan Shodan. Its only here you start on your long Kyokushin Budo karate
journey and have the opportunity to focus on the deepest aspects of Budo and Zen. You do not have
to focus on the next graduation, because you have already completed the first 10 graduation in the Kyokushin karate and 
completed 10 Kyu graduations as Kyu degree and have now passed your first Yudansha (Black Belt) degree and have
just passed your test with success.

Let me point out: it is not possible to buy a Dan degree in our organization without having been nominated by our graduation committee, they first get the Certificate once they have passed the graduation by succes. Everyone has to apply for graduation.
Shodan graduation curriculum requires Long preparation. Everyone will have one year probation before they get the certificate. 
You can only be graduated at our International Camp. When your instructor set you up for graduation, it happen a year before the final graduation, so you have time to prepare, we will first make a pre-test, where you will be guided and get positive feedback on   the things you need to focus on. WKO - MAS Oyama the spirit and philosophy of Sosai Kyokushin Karate Do.

Kyokushin Karate developing never stops. Between the different black belts degree,
it can take several years before you are ready for your next graduation. It is not just about physical strength, but about being able to posses empathy for others. Be helpful and kind. Strength is also about showing patience and helping the development of others.
Sosai Said: "It is only after you have passed your first Black Belt degree that your Budo journey begins".


Guidelines between the different YUDANSHA degrees:


Senpai - Shodan - 1. Dan - 5-7  

"Assistant instructor"

Senpai - Nidan -  2. Dan - 2-4 years

"Assistant instructor" 

  Sensei - Sandan -  3. Dan - 3-5 years 

"Educated Instructor"

Sensei - Yondan -  4. Dan - 3-5 years

"Educated Instructor taught for 6 years"


 Shihan - Godan -  5. Dan - 5-10 years 

"Professor degree taught for 8-10 years" 

Shihan - Rokudan -  6. Dan - 6-10 years

"Professor degree taught for 15 years"

 Shihan - Nanadan -  7. Dan - 6-15 years

"Professor degree  taught for 15-20 years"

Hanshi - Hachidan -  8.Dan 

"Professor expert. Grand master teachers of the highest rank taught for 20-25 years"

Hanshi - Kudan -  9. Dan 

"Professor expert. Grand Master teachers of the highest rank taught for 30-35 years"


In respect of Sosai's legacy, it is not possible to achieve 10. Dan.

Kyokushin karate is founded by: Grandmaster Sosai Mas Oyama 10. Dan

No living person in Kyokushin Karate system should posses the same
degree as our Grand Master "Sosai Mas Oyama" 10. Dan. Japan.