Are you Living up to your full potential...

In Sosai Kyokushin Karate you learn to trust in yourself and you learn new skills, respect, about the importants of honor, kindness, family and to be humble.

Many people live their life ordinært, and do not use their full potential, are you ready to chance your life for the better or will you like millions of people waiting for something to happen. In Kyokushin you learn to take action of your on life. With the right attitude and guidance, you can learn to get the full potential , if you can get healthy habits that aloe you to live the life of your Dream. Meditation which we Will Call focus training because we learn to focus on our breathing and let go of our thoughts, after Many years of meditation training some master can lower their heartbeat so that they are almost in a Dream State.

The Japanese samurai uset zen meditation to overkomme the fear of death, today we do not fight Daily to survive in a samurai battle. To be able to exploit our potential to do our best in competitions or other important thing in life, it is important to start with humility and respect, if you possess this quality you can nerver really losse, but regardless of the outcome of a fight you will be the winner because you are focus on doing your best in respect for your opponent. it is when we overcomes our fears and insecurities that our full potential will be Expressen.

It does not matter if it is a Tameshiwari breaktthrough, Tournament fight or we have to pass an important exam, the fear is the samme. In Kyokushin we learn to overcome our fear and show respect and kindness, when we are Call, meeting otters withrespect and kindness we release positive energi that can be uset to achieve the best resultat.