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With our organization, we support associations, dojos and partners with our network, activities and tools to convey the legacy of Sosai Mas Oyama to the next generation. With the new possibilities of digitalization, we as an organization can ensure the knowledge transfer for our members efficiently and in the long term in order to understand the true core of Sosai Oyama's mission.

When the Kyokushinkaikan was founded in 1964, Sosai Oyama set out a mission to create a karate style that was more than sport karate. Over the years, our mission has evolved as we continue to look for better ways to do business.

 We also need to make sure that our mission stays Budo – when we first introduced our first world tournament in 1975 with 128 competitors from 32 countries the world was fascinated from the Kyokushin karate style and at the 2nd World Open karate Tournament in 1979 with 187 competitors from 62 countries.


However, as human life continue to evolve, we need to evolve as well. We will strive the original philosophy of Sosai and will evolve the Kyokushinkaikan contemporary. One of the things we're most proud of, is that as our Honbu Dojo still has his original roots in Tokyo. For example, we’re progressing in our efforts to access every Kyokushin interested people to enter the world of Sosai Oyama's legacy in the Honbu Dojo. As always, we welcome your honest feedback on our mission statement from our Head of Custodian Kuristina Oyama and thank you for taking the time to learn about our efforts and helping us to keep the spirit of Sosai Oyama alive.

Join the original Kyokushinkaikan and train with us with the spirit of Sosai Oyama: 



I was born in Tokyo on the 21st of October 1971 as Kikuko Oyama well known now as Kuristina and I'm the third daughter of our beloved founder of Kyokushin Karate Sosai Masutatsu Oyama.

I spent many years abroad studying and after the death of my father I devoted my life to protect, reconstruct and develop the official Kyokushinkaikan.

Join our organization to revive the old spirit of the original Honbu Dojo in Tokyo.“

Kuristina Oyama - IKO Kyokushinkaikan / KWO - Mas Oyama Custodian



New President for IKOK Sosai Kyokushinkaikan / Rename KWO — Mas Oyama Organization in 2020.

Kyokushin World Organization - Mas Oyama President (KWO - Mas Oyama) portrait of the President:

Kaichou Flemming Jinzen Schrøter

8th Dan, 67 years old and still active in Dogi with training and teaching in his dojo in Copenhagen and Bogoe the green island located in Southern Denmark.

His last tournament was in Tokyo 2011, Sosai Memorial Cup. Flemming competed in "Open weight Division" with 80kg. He won the Tournament after 3 fights, the finale fight was against the 110 kg heavy fighter from Polen. He  has been training Kyokushin karate since 1973 -until next year in January 2023 it will be 50 years with Sosai Kyokushin Budo karate. His fighting profil:  Weight 72 kg. 99 Fights in total: 93 Win.  4 Losses In "Open weight Division and 2 losses in middleweight ". 


Hanshi Flemming started his Karate Dojo in Denmark named
"Kyokushin Jinzen Do Style".

"Kyokushin Jinzen Do" can be translated as "The ultimate truth on the divine path". Kaichou Flemming's achievements in martial arts are deeply impressive: He is a Danish champion total of 8 Danish Championships in a row:1976-77-78-79- 80-81-82. He became double Danish Champion  in 1980 in middle weight and in Heavyweight. He is 6 times x Sealand champion in 1976-77-78-79-80-81-and became Denmark's first "European Kyokushin" Champion 1982 in middleweight and "European Tameshiwari Champion" in London 1982. He has won several international medals in countries like: England, Switzerland, Holland, France and became Japanese champion in Open weight Division as 57 years old in Tokyo 2011with fight weight as 80kg.

He participated in the 2nd World Open Karate Tournament in 1979 in Tokyo and fought him self to the 5 rounds and became the 10 best fighter at the tournament by "Tameshiwari". With a weight of only 71 kg, he jumped his right triceps muscle at the Tameshiwari, the last tounament day, but continued to fight,  two fights with only one arm and won over a professional Thai boxer from Thailand on wazari. He then again participated in the 3rd World Open Karate Tournament in Tokyo 1984 and fought his way to the fourth round and was between the 16 best fighter. In 1984, he also entered the Guinness Book of Records by striking the neck of four bottles with a knife hand strike without the bottles tipping over. He graduated 7. Dan in 1996 and 8th dan by Jon Bluming in Kyokushin budo kai in 2006 and 7th dan by Kancho Hatsuo Royama kyokushin in Japan in 2011.

He fought 50 man fight in Thai Boxing in Paris 1981, one fight 2 min, he made 14 K.O against pro Thai Boxer.

He was on a training stay in Paris at a professionel Thai Boxing School, they trainee in the morning and aftennoon, they where very arrogant, and spole bandlyst about Kyokushin and Sosai, they had heard about 100 Man fight and humiliate Sosai and Kyokushin karate, they Said I could just fight Them in 50 matches andshow how tough the Kyokushin was, I Said yes to that without protction on foot and shins, they had sandlag globes, I was without gloves. We fought according to Kyokushin Rules , but they forgjort many times that they must not do clincing, I won 14 fights on knock out with kick to the head, every fight lasted tro minut, apart from those I won on K.O.(Ippon), there where also some who gave up their fight before time, I lost about 3-4 fight, some was Hikiwake, some I won by Yuko-Da(effektive techniques.

The promotor who was also coach and arranger Pro fight in Thai Boxing offeret me a professionel Thai Boxing fight ISaid yes to despite my injuries I was lacked of Monty to come Home to Denmark, but very god experience to g'et away from your omfortolke zone.

He brought kickboxing to Denmark in 1990, became president of WKA amateur division kickboxing 100 member countries in 1997 and become honory member of the "Pan Arabic Olympic" game in Lebanon 1997. In addition, he received the 5th dan Krav Maga in 2008. He held the first K-1 convention in Scandinavia in Valby hall in Copenhagen 2000, The K-1 Gala was a big success, he was appointed by Kancho Ishii Japan as president of K-1 Scandinavia. In addition to his own achievements, several of his students have won the World Cup in kyokushin and kickboxing.
He has taught all over the world, among other things. USA, Japan, Russia, South Africa, Middel East and Europe.

You can safely say that martial arts is in his DNA. Here you can hear a little about what karate is for him:

“One the May 24 , he will be 68 years old and a trained educator, NLP & hypnotherapist, acupuncturist, reflexologist, posturologist and su jok therapist. He love teaching and spreading Sosai Budo. He had been practicing judo since 1970 and felt the Japanese etiquette and budo spirit on the tatami, and it had developed my interest in Japanese martial arts.

He started with kyokushin karate back in 1973 as a 19 year old. After the first class of Mas Oyama's kyokushin Budo karate, he knew it would follow him, for the rest of his life.
He was fascinated by the sport and the etiquette of respect and humility and fair attitude and hard training and being tough on oneself and humble and fair to others. It appealed to him. It has given him insight, courage and confidence to make the right choices in life. Everyone can fail at some point in life. Kyokushin has helped me back to life. Mas Oyama’s Kyokushin budo karate philosophy of life is for me a way of living with respect, loyalty, honor and family ties, where we meet others with kindness and respect. It has never been about being the best, but doing my best in respect for my opponents and my sensei. 

Osu in the light of Kyokushin

The founder of Kyokushin Karate
Sosai Masutatsu Oyama 10. Dan
My spirituel father.

Kyokushin is my life and will stay with me untill i am at the Budo Heaven.




New Fuko Kaicho Shihan Alexandr Anferov

6. Dan Russia

I started practicing martial arts at the age of 9. I opened my first Kyokushin dojo at the age of 17 with a friend of mine and started teaching Kyokushin Karate professionally. In parallel, I studied several martial arts: Aikido, Taekwondo, Shotokan karate, Sankukai, Chinese boxing San-da. But the main type of martial arts for me was Kyokushin karate when I was 20 years old I passed the sho dan exam.


My sho dan exam was conducted by Matsui while Sosai was still alive. On the second dan, I took the exam in IKO 2, the examiners were Nishida and Oishi. The exam for the 3rd dan was taken by Matsushima personally, it was in the organization IKO-Matsushima. At the age of 28, I was awarded the honor of being certified for 4 dan by four shihans: Oishi, Tabata, Shichinohe and Miwa. In those years, I became the youngest holder of the 4th dan in kyokushin karate in Russia.

That was in 2004. Since 2009, I have been working with the Masutatsu Oyama family organization with his daughter Kuristina Oyama.  In September 2012, my old dream came true. I passed the 5th dan test at Honbu in Ikebukuro, the exam was conducted by Kancho Suzuki Yoshikazu and Shihan Yui Satoshi.

Repeatedly became the winner and prize-winner of the Russian Championships in kata and kumite. I am a participant of the World Championships in 2004 and 2008. My students have repeatedly become winners and prize-winners of World, European and Russian Championships. During my time teaching Kyokushin karate, I have trained more than 100 students with a dan degree, including 3rd and 4th dan holders.

I am the head of the All-Russian organization of martial arts. You can contact Fuko Kaicho Shihan Alexandr Anferov Russia By his E-mail