Referee Rules


          TOURNAMENT EXECUTIVEE COMMITTEE                     






Badges for Referee and Judges and officals

Clothers for Referee, judges and officials:

Dark trossers, Dark blue shift, White butterfly, Dark blue jacket.

The Badges must be sewn on the left side of the shift and jacket pocket.







Important to know for The Referee and site Judges:


1. Be well-prepared, attentive, fair, neutral in your judgment, ensure that the best practitioners win, judges and Referee must be sober, not under the influence of drugs or medication that may affect the performance.

2. The five referees including the Head Judges must administer their judges responsibility on the match to the best of their ability.

3. You can only win if there are three (3) judges, out of five (5) judges, who have the same decision. That is, either three (3) side referees, or two (2) side referees and the match leader who chooses AKA (red) or SHIRO (white). A decision is only valid if it is followed up by at least three (3) judges out of the five(5) judges, If there is any doubt the final decision lies with the Head Judges. A decision made by the Referee alone are not valid.


4. In case of IPPON (full point), WAZA-ARI (half point), HANSOKU WAZA (illegal attack), JOGAI (leave the battlefield), HANTEI (Referee decision), YOKU WAZA (effective technique), ZU-TSUKI (to strike with the forheas ), KINTE-GERI (step kick), KAKE (Grappling hold the opponent's neck), OSAE (hold), KAKAEKOMI (hold on the opponent), SHIKKAKU (Disqualification), KANSETSU GERI (kick directly to the knee joint).

5. If a participant is unable to continue the match due to HANSOKU WAZA (Illegal Technique), the Referee will stop the match, call the four (4) side Judges together to the main referee table, in case of an illegal technique, the opponent will lose the fight, the injured party will win the fight but cannot continue. The fighter who has performed the illegal technique will be disqualified.

6. In the case of YUKO WAZA (Effective Attack), where the opponent can not continue, the one who performed YUKO WAZA will win the match.

7. The Tournament committee may change the convention program at any time.

8.  Weigh-in: To be performed with a match leader or side referee. If there is a weight difference of more than 5 kg submitted in the participant's registration form and on the registration of the participant on the day of the event, the participant will be disqualified.


9. The doctor has the last word in the decision whether a fighter can continue after an illegal technique.



The time of the Bouts for Senior (from18 years and up), at International Tournament is 3.min, the extension time is

2 min, x 2 min, x 2 min, x  2 min, then weight , if no weight different , Tameshiwari, if no different extra 2 min, then the referee must make a decision.

Victory is awarded to the competitor who has scored one full point ( IPPON Full point) or the competitor who has won by referee dicision ( including WAZA-ARI halv point ), or your competitor have ben charged with ( HANSOKU Fouls).

When the Kyokushinkaikan was founded in 1964, Sosai Oyama set out a mission to create a karate style that was more than sport karate. Over the years, our mission has evolved as we continue to look for better ways to do business.

 We also need to make sure that our mission stays Budo – when we first introduced our first world tournament in 1975 with 128 competitors from 32 countries the world was fascinated from the Kyokushin karate style and at the 2nd World Open karate Tournament in 1979 with 187 competitors from 62 countries.


However, as human life continue to evolve, we need to evolve as well. We will strive the original philosophy of Sosai and will evolve the Kyokushinkaikan contemporary. One of the things we're most proud of, is that as our Honbu Dojo still has his original roots in Tokyo. For example, we’re progressing in our efforts to access every Kyokushin interested people to enter the world of Sosai Oyama's legacy in the Honbu Dojo. As always, we welcome your honest feedback on our mission statement from our Head of Custodian Kuristina Oyama and thank you for taking the time to learn about our efforts and helping us to keep the spirit of Sosai Oyama alive.

Join the original Kyokushinkaikan and train with us with the spirit of Sosai Oyama: 

We are true to Sosai

We are true to what he has build up with the First World Open karate Tournament in 1975 in Tokyo every Four your, from 1975 until his died in 1994. His fighting system where unique and ahead of his time, today several Kyokushin organization have chance his Kumite Rules . Today you can have up to 4 or 5 Chui, that is a minor fouls ( private Warming by the Referee ( SUSHIN ),We will like to followed the true Kyokushin karate Kumite Rules from before Sosai past away, and only have 3 Chui = Genten ichi, 2 Genten = Shikaku ( disqualification). Referee must be fair, consistent and followed the Rules, participants should have thorough and know what is allowed and what is illegal technique.